This is the title of my presentation I am doing for Makana Leadership Academy. It’s an eye-catcher for sure. Things have been hard lately, and when I say things, I mean my brain. It’s been stirring up trouble for sure. Pointing fingers, jumping to conclusions, scrambling to fix, worst-case scenario indulging, doubt fondling, I could go on and on. The tricky part is distinguishing between what to pay attention to and what to let go of. I think this could possibly be the hardest part of parenting… When to step in and how to step in. This is probably a good time to separate the facts from the HUGE story my brain is making up for me. Then I can see the situation with more clarity and then decide if any action is needed. Yeh, I think I’ll do that. Anyone else in for this exercise??! If you made it this far. Just try it. 👍 Lmk how it goes!

Oh, and here’s how my talk went:


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