Walking on eggshells with your teen? That could mean several things. Usually, it means that we, the parents, are worried about what might happen if we make a wrong move or say a wrong thing. “We don’t want to {poke the bear}”, I’ve heard my clients say.

Whenever I find myself feeling this way I KNOW it’s a red flag… for ME! Yep, you heard that right, a red flag for me, the parent.

Something that might surprise you is that ‘walking on eggshells’ is a choice WE as parents make. We really want to make it our teen’s fault…we want to blame them or their behavior for making us do this. But this is never true. We are ALWAYS responsible for our own behavior. AND therefore can choose something else if we want.

HOW is the big question. Right? I like to ask myself some questions first. Am I projecting my thoughts onto my teen? Do I presume to know what they are feeling just by their outward actions? Am I making their behavior choices all about me? Do I think they should be feeling something besides what they are feeling? Have I asked myself why I want them to behave differently? Have I even asked them what’s up? or if I can help? Do I see them as a person or an object to manipulate? Do they feel unconditional love from me? (are you seeing your teen separate from their behavior? and able to love them through this choice?)

These questions can help me see where MY choices are. Because MY behavior is really the only thing I can really change.

By the way— teens really appreciate direct communication. Do yourself and your teen a favor and don’t walk on eggshells anymore.



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