I believe that In order to influence lasting change in our children, the whole family unit must be involved in learning and adapting together, and this journey must begin with an understanding of self.  THIS is how we bring about change — we start with us. Then and only then can we become the parent and mentor we’d like to be to our children. I can help you do this.

I have limited availability for private coaching.
Let’s chat to find out how I can help you best. Simply fill out the contact info below and I’ll reach out to schedule our first session free of charge. 

Private clients get my 24-week program content along with weekly private coaching with both parents for $6500. 




Send me a message and I will respond quickly to set up a time to talk on the phone or Zoom.  I look forward to hearing your story. 

  1. My kid isn’t really a teen anymore… Is this for me?
    A: Yes! This program is for ANY parent (who is ready to work on themselves) with kids in or beyond the “teen” years.

  2. My kid isn’t even living at home right now. How can this program help me?
    A: This program is for YOU and teaches the tools that will help YOU parent with more clarity and insight. If they are away from home this could be the perfect time to focus on you – when emotions aren’t so high, you have better access to your cognitive brain which is the best space for learning and growth.
  3. . I’m not sure I feel comfortable sharing in a group.
    A: You will be part of a small, intimate group of parents (16 max) in similar situations. If you choose, these people could be an integral part of your growth, learning, and success in this program. You will be spending valuable time every week for 24 weeks with them-  It is extremely helpful to know you are not alone at this difficult time.

  4. Can group coaching actually help me? I’ve got some unique things happening.
    A: It’s surprising how helpful a group atmosphere can be. Listening to and learning from other parents is comforting AND very effective. Sometimes you get a new idea of what might work… sometimes you find out what did NOT work. Either way, being in the same space with parents on a similar journey can be very helpful. Watching other parents as they’re coached can also offer you new insights and options, as it can be much easier to discover options and ideas when it’s about someone else.

  5. What if we need help outside the weekly call?
    A: Just call, text, or email me and I will do my best to reach you ASAP. I am here for you!

  6. What happens if I need to reschedule my coaching call?
    Not a problem. Just text me and we’ll find a new time.

  7. How many people have access to my enrollment?
    A: TWO! You get 2 memberships with 1 enrollment. If both parents are available, that is best. If not, no biggie. Just choose someone who is a trusted influence in your teen’s life. Make sure to get their consent and commitment before you register them.

  8. About how many hours per week will this program take?
    A: Give or take, I would say about 2-3 hours per week. 10-30 minutes for videos. About 1 hour for homework. 1 hour for the coaching call.

  9. What happens if we have to miss the live group call?
    You’ll be missed, but we get it, life happens. Recordings will be available on the membership site within 24 hours of the call. ONLY those who are in the group will have access to the recordings. No outsiders allowed. 😉
  10. How long do we have access to the live recordings?
    A: You will have 12 additional weeks after the program has ended to watch the recordings.

  11. How long do we have access to the whole program?
    A: 1 year. It’s actually super helpful to do this program over as soon as you finish. (Did I hear that right?) YES! That is why I grant you 1 entire year of access to the weekly video lessons and homework so you can revisit and learn again. I always learn something new and different the second time I do anything!

  12. My kid is the one with the problems. I have nothing to do with it. Can you help me get them more in control?
    No. This is not a program on how to control your child. This program teaches YOU how to become self-aware in order to lead and influence your child for the better. I teach how to parent from a place of peace and understanding – holding boundaries and being emotionally available for your child as they navigate life.

  13. What is your refund policy?
    100% refund if your mind is not totally blown within 6 weeks of this program, but you gotta do the work and show me your work. No refunds within the first 6 weeks of the program. If after 6 weeks you have done all your homework and watched all the lesson videos and feel no change has taken place or no helpful tools have been taught, I will gladly refund your money. (Just email me images of your 6 weeks of completed homework, so I know you participated, and you get your money back.)

  14. What if my teen just starts hugging me randomly?
    A: Hug them back. Lean in. Don’t ask.