Parenting Post-wilderness is your guide to parenting a struggling teen, whether they’re home, transitioning home, or presently in treatment. Your guides to Parenting Post-wilderness are Beth Hillman,  a life coach for parents and mom to a post-wilderness teen, and part-time co-host Seth Gottlieb, a wilderness therapy guide turned teen and young adult recovery coach. 

Their unique combination of experience and training yields candid conversations chock full of practical, actionable tools to smooth the challenges both parents and teens experience surrounding treatment. Parents, say goodbye to exhausting confusion, overwhelm and panic and the unhelpful patterns that keep you stuck. Learn how to develop healthy responses and boundaries instead of acting out of fear and anxiety. Experience the relationship-changing power of focusing on your own behavior instead of futile attempts to control your teen. Listen in to discover how parents like you have learned to influence equanimity in the home and rebuild connections with the teens they love.