Life can be crazy. I sometimes feel like I’m navigating class 5 rapids on the river of no return… I wonder when we might catch some calmer waters.

But- This. Is. Life. And I’m frankly surviving at times and thriving at times. It’s a perfectly mixed boat of blessed sunshine and complete annihilation.

What if my contribution as a parent was to simply be an example of how to get back into the boat and try again? With inevitable redirection and course correction being an intimate part of the grand plan?

The water is wide.

I can’t cross o’er.

And neither have I wings to fly.

Build me a boat.

That can carry two.

And both shall row.

My love and I.

P.S. Navigating a river is hard work, just like life. You think you might know what’s coming around the next corner, and then (!@#$%^!) you find an unexpected situation!  It seems like the more you plan the more you are disappointed or caught off guard… instead of planning so much, practice the art of maneuvering. When you learn to maneuver through life- you practice being ready for anything.  And that is the BEST plan.


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