Our lovely brains want us to figure life out right now. They want us to stop the madness this very minute. Put an end to the pain, disappointment, sadness, and anger. Our brains think it’s too hard. Our brain’s job is to keep us safe and the same, regurgitating old patterns of thought with the same old result–even if this pattern causes more pain than necessary. If it’s familiar, our brain will choose the usual pattern (even if it’s painful) over anything new. 

In times of stress, I cook the same old things I’ve always cooked–tacos, hamburgers, spaghetti. Trying new recipes is a no-go for me because my brain wants familiar when it is stressed so it goes to what I already know. I know exactly what I will get when I make my old recipes. Even if they are not that good, at least I know the result. This is what my brain likes. Familiar and safe. 

If I keep cooking tacos we will continue to eat tacos. BUT – what if we are SO SICK OF TACOS?!

That’s when you know a new recipe is needed! When the old recipe becomes boring, disgusting or… painful. Yes, painful. Old patterns can be so painful. And yet, our brains cook them over and over and over, and the only reason is that we are so stressed out we go to auto-recipe and don’t take the time to think about what we WANT to eat instead. 

So the question is: WHAT DO YOU WANT?

It takes intention and action to try out a new habit. You have to over-ride your patterns and intentionally decide what you want BEFORE you even start. 

So, what will you cook up next?


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