When things go wrong. 

Sometimes hard things happen that are not planned. They are not expected, predicted, anticipated, or considered. Then BAM! This huge and mighty weight falls upon our lives and we are caught off guard, with no free hands to catch ourselves. We are left swirling and spinning in a downward spiral of fear, regret, dismay, and shock. Ever been there? Yeh, me too. 

Life is full of surprises, especially lately, and there is no escaping it. So what do we do when something unexpected happens that we think is bad or hard? 

First, RAIN your feelings about the situation.


Recognize your feelings. Name them accurately.

Allow ALL feelings. All feelings are acceptable and purposeful. 

Investigate. Where are your feelings coming from? Why are you feeling this way? 

Nurture. Have compassion for yourself and others as the feelings are being worked through. 

Once you have an understanding of your feelings you can then consider and be intentional about your response to the situation. Instead of reacting from feelings, you will now be in a more helpful space to RESPOND vs. react. 

There are so many more options and solutions available when we give ourselves time and space to feel and allow what is already happening.

Things happen. This is part of being human. You get to decide how you face it. 


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